Richard A. Kaplan, Esq.

Rick KaplanRichard (‘Rick’) Kaplan, a partner in the Salt Lake firm of Anderson & Karrenberg, brings to alternative dispute resolution a rare combination of extensive business and legal experience and education.

On the business side, Rick has worked in management positions at Dayton Hudson Corporation (now Target), owned and operated two small businesses, and received an M.B.A. degree with distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Business. Particularly as an owner, operator, purchaser and ultimately a seller of two small businesses, he has substantial experience with the relationships between business partners, business purchasers and sellers, and businesses and their employees, customers and vendors that underlie most commercial disputes.

On the legal side, Rick has expertise handling complex commercial litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants. He has litigated cases involving a wide range of subjects, such as securities and common law fraud , general contract and employment disputes, trade secrets, non-compete agreements, shareholder agreements, constitutional claims, and matters presenting economic, financial, consumer and regulatory issues. He has represented countless small businesses as well as corporate clients including Ceridian Corporation, General Electric Capital Corporation, American Airlines, Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc; Agway, Inc., W.R. Grace and Honeywell. He served for four years as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia handling criminal prosecutions. He also served as a law clerk for David L. Bazelon, then Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, and for William B. Bryant, then Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. He is an honors graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School, where he served as President of the Minnesota Law Review.

As to ADR experience in particular, over the last six or seven years, Rick has arbitrated numerous commercial matters in Salt Lake and in Minneapolis-St. Paul for the American Arbitration Association, both individually and as a member of arbitration panels. He has also represented individuals, business and corporate clients in mediations and arbitrations administered by the AAA, NASD and others over the course of more than 30 years as a litigator.