Robert C. Gross, Esq.

Robert C. Gross, Esq.Trusted mediator, facilitator, and neutral confidant.  Business CEO, executive, and lawyer.  Government, civic, and community leader experience, depth, and know-how!

Robert Gross is a rarity among well-trained and experienced mediators.  Individuals or organizations, and their counsel, fully expect that mediators be well-seasoned neutrals and possess excellent mediation “process skills” –  the training, experience, well-honed skills of “how to” mediate.  In Robert Gross, parties, and their attorneys, find a mediator who also has tremendous “subject matter” expertise – he’s walked in their shoes, faced their pressures, and understands their bottom-line needs.

For more than three decades, Mr. Gross has served as a trusted public policy and commercial mediator and facilitator, business and commercial attorney and corporate legal counsel and secretary; a business executive, CEO, and director; a nationally recognized government leader and advisor;; a university and college educator in the areas of corporate governance, alternative dispute resolution, and negotiations; and a corporate governance and government  leadership consultant.  He is also a highly-sought professional and public speaker.

Mr. Gross is also the founder and president of Robert C. Gross Associates, a public policy and commercial mediation/facilitation and board advisory services firm. ( ). He is also “of Counsel” for the law firm Pia Anderson Dorius Reynard and Moss.

As a leader in the field of mediation, he has mediated complex business and commercial transactions and contracts (“deal” or transactional mediation) and conflicts or disputes in a wide variety of local, regional, national and international cases or matters: business and commercial regulatory matters; banking and financial services; corporate and board governance; creditor/debtor matters; complex public policy issues, involving governmental entities and various constituent stakeholders; corporate securities matters; government relations issues; real property transactions and disputes; residential property and loan modifications; human resources; healthcare; insurance; regulatory and administrative matters; international governmental disputes and facilitation; unemployment insurance; business organizations disputes and dissolutions; personal estate and family business matters; business sales; land use development; professional liability; personal injury; and individual/personal disputes.

In 2004, he successfully mediated/facilitated the sovereign nation of Iraq’s readmission into several United Nations organizations, including the ILO.  In 1999-2001, he mediated/facilitated a national workgroup, which, as an outcome,  proposed to the United State Congress a bi-partisan, comprehensive framework for the reform of the national Unemployment Insurance program, which is jointly administered by the USDOL and states.

He was elected by colleagues as co-chair of the Commercial Mediation Section of the Association of Conflict Resolution in 2011.