J. David Nelson – Construction Mediator

David J. Nelson

David Nelson, co-founder of the law firm of Nelson Snuffer Dahle & Poulsen, is a civil trial lawyer who has been representing clients since 1980 on cases involving Construction Disputes, Personal Injury and Intellectual Property. These are areas in which he is uniquely qualified because he is also a Registered Professional Engineer with 10 years of engineering experience as a Project Engineer, Project Manager, and Principal Engineer.

David has been serving as a Construction and Commercial Dispute Arbitrator for 35 years for disputes ranging from multi-million dollar large, complex cases to cases involving disputes of less than $100,000.00. He has been serving as a Construction and Commercial Mediator for 10 years. He has been a participant in numerous mediations, as counsel for one of the parties or as the mediator. He is a dedicated advocate of the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution. When serving as a mediator, he is committed and determined to facilitate the best opportunity possible for the parties to achieve a resolution of their dispute. When serving as an arbitrator, he is committed and determined to achieve a just, equitable and legally correct award in the least amount of time and at the least cost practical for the parties. Since first becoming an Arbitrator in 1980, David has completed numerous courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution covering all aspects of Mediation and Arbitration.