Judge Robin Reese – Welcome to the Panel

Judge Robin W. ReeseJudge Reese recently retired after serving as a Third District Court judge in Salt Lake County for nearly 28 years.  During that time, Judge Reese presided over a variety of civil matters including personal injury cases, commercial disputes, domestic matters and malpractice actions.  He has conducted numerous civil and criminal trials and was actively involved in pre-trial settlement conferences. During his tenure, Judge Reese was elected by his peers to serve as the Presiding Judge of the 3rd Circuit Court and as Associate Presiding Judge of the Third District Court.
Prior to his appointment to the bench, Judge Reese worked in private practice with the Law firm of Tibbals Adamson, Peters and Howell, and subsequently served as Deputy Salt Lake County Attorney.  He is currently a member of the Utah State Bar Association and Federal Bar Association and serves as an active senior judge for the Third District Court.
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